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Glass Girl (May 6, 2023)

Glass Girl cover
Glass Girl

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Direct from the UK-based publisher, Inspired Quill

Young Adult Fantasy

The dragon of Kural is dreaming of a song that is not his. He stirs and tries to shrug, but his wings are pinned.

Seventeen-year-old Emlin is about to become a fully-fledged crafter of dragon-inspired stained glass. Then her mother is murdered following a mysterious, nighttime trip to the palace.

The Watch hasn’t a clue who the murderer is, so Emlin vows to find the killer herself. A series of attacks on her and her sister glassmakers makes her suspect that the attacker is keen to destroy the glass crafthouse, an event that would weaken the island’s connection to its dragon and leave it vulnerable.

Dogged by a curious if charming scholar who can’t keep his nose out of her business, she questions anyone her mother saw in the days before her death, finds herself breaking dragon-given laws, and learns things about her mother that call into question whether she’ll ever become a glassmaker—assuming she lives long enough.

The Trickster (2021)

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Direct from the publisher, Inspired Quill

Young Adult Fantasy

“When it comes to family, you’re rich… and I’m dirt poor.”

Amid the intoxicating chaos of Winter Festival, attendant Dilly and Hedge Mage Fitch cross paths.

After surviving Rin’s wretched streets, Dilly aims to prove herself to Lady Elenia, who brought her back to Lac’s Holding and blessed her with a new life of comfort and luxury. Fitch seeks vengeance for a loved one, killed by a liquor that makes one vulnerable to suggestion.

But their separate goals are derailed when Dilly discovers Elenia’s secret lover is the head of a too-ambitious kinship, and Fitch finds his own smuggler-family pressuring him into using his unique nudging abilities for mutinous deeds.

When murmurs of treason break out in Lac’s Holding, it becomes clear that only Dilly and Fitch know the truth.

The question is how they can save the city when those they’re loyal to stand in their way.

 The Wysman (2020)

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Direct from the publisher  Inspired Quill

Young Adult Fantasy

“The Grabber is just a fright tale.”

Former street kid Jarka was born with a crooked foot and uses a crutch, but that no longer matters now that he’s an apprentice Wysman, training to advise the king. When poor kids start to go missing from the city’s streets, though, Jarka suspects that whatever’s causing the disappearances comes from the castle.

Now he needs to watch his step or risk losing the position he fought so hard to win… but when someone close to him becomes the latest victim, Jarka knows he’s running out of time.

His search takes him from diving into ancient history to standing up to those who want to beat or bleed the magic out of him. Will Jarka succeed in uncovering an evil long-hidden, or will he see friends and family vanish into the darkness? And whose side is the King on, in his determination to bind his nobles to him no matter what black arts they’ve dabbled in? If Jarka fails in his search, his own future won’t be the worst thing lost.

The Wysman follows Jarka after the events in The Wind Reader, but this YA Fantasy can be read independently.

 The Wind Reader (2018)

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Direct from the publisher, Inspired Quill

Young Adult Fantasy

Stuck in a city far from home, street kid Doniver fakes telling fortunes so he can earn a few coins to feed himself and his friends. Then the divine Powers smile on him when he accidentally delivers a true prediction for the prince.

Concerned about rumors of treason, the prince demands that Doniver use his “magic” to prevent harm from coming to the king, and so Doniver is taken–dragged?–into the castle to be the royal fortune teller.

Now Doniver must decide where the boundaries of honor lie, as he struggles to work convincing magic, fend off whoever is trying to shut him up, and stop an assassin, assuming he can even figure out who the would-be assassin is. All he wants is to survive long enough to go home to the Uplands, but it’s starting to look as if that might be too much to ask.

Deep as a Tomb (2016)

Young Adult Fantasy

Sixteen-year-old Myla feels the land in her blood and bones. Royal heir Beran wants revenge for murder. Forest native Kaven wants to protect Myla from every danger.

Like her people, the Westreachers, Myla’s tied to the green world through tombs the forest made when it made the people. So when she finds she can open tombs long thought sealed, she’s thrilled–until her father demands she use her power to help him rebel against the king. Myla would rather mix herbal remedies and spend time with Kaven, whose family is hip deep in debt and secrets.

Prince Beran is sent to impress the people of Westreach so the council will confirm him as King’s Heir. He’s to use his power to forward the king’s goals, but on his first day, an anonymous forester murdered the guard he loved like a father. Stone royal duty, because Beran wants revenge; he’s willing to make enemies everywhere to find the killer.

Thrown together as fosterlings in the same household, Myla, Beran, and Kaven must each decide how far they’re willing to use personal and political power to get what they want.

Finders Keepers (2015)

Middle-Grade FantasyThe eight gods that govern the world are tricky and fickle, and even the most innocuous of their blessings comes with consequences. Those who find a blessing are cursed to dance on strings in exchange for good fortune. Which begs the question: is finding one good fortune at all? Cade lives a simple life with his mother and brother, but when he finds a heart stone, he wonders if he can change that. Heart stones are said to bring luck to those who hold them, and Cade’s tiny family could surely do with good fortune. But heart stones aren’t just tokens of good luck; simply tracking one down is a sign of a special gift. Cade is a Finder, just like his mother before him, but this gift is hardly what is seems; if the larger community finds out about this, Cade’s entire life will change. And not for the better. Now he lives outside the law, struggling to find a way to reclaim what was once his, all while fending off a new hardship that he never anticipated: an overwhelming desire to take back what is his. No matter the cost. 

Short stories

“Journeys: A Ghost Story,” Sword and Sorcery Magazine, January 2018. Accessible at the link for free.

“Borderlands,” Frostfire Worlds, November 2018. A story about Prince Beran that takes place before The Wind Reader.

“A Glimpse of Gold,” Wyldblood Magazine, January 2021. In his first days living in the castle, Jarka encounters power he doesn’t fully control when he tries to fake reading the wind.

“Child o’ Mine,” Swords and Sorcery Magazine, January 2021. The story tells what happens when warrior elves take refuge in a pregnant woman’s home

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